Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to play?

Luck, the ability to complain about your hand non-stop, and most importantly a card from the National Mah Jongg League.

How do I play American Mahjong?

If you're new, or just need a refresher, we recommend reading through this tutorial.

How do I create a new game?

After you click the Play button, you will be brought to the lobby page. From here, you can click the Create Game button. In the pop-up menu, choose the year of the card you are playing with, and whether you want to play with computer opponents, just your friends, or open your table to anyone. Once you click Start Game, you'll automatically be placed at your table..

How do I join an existing game?

In the lobby page, you will automatically be shown a list of available games represented as cards with a list of players. You can join any one of these games by clicking the arrow button in the bottom corner of one of the game cards. You can also toggle between the All or Friends filter to see all games, or just your friends games respectively.

How do I add someone as a friend?

Click on the Account link to bring up the Account Panel. In the Account Panel, click on the Friends link. From here, you can search for existing players to add as friends, or send an email invite to one of your friends (or enemies!) to prompt them to create an account.

How do I play with my friends?

In the lobby page, you will be presented with a list of all active games of Mahjong by default. You can click the Friends filter button on the left hand side of the screen to show games your friends are playing.

How do I play with my friends?

First of all: we feel your pain. Second: the computer will take over and you can rejoin when you get back online. Also, If a friend decides to join in late in the game, they can take over a hand from the computer.

How can I play incognito?

If you only want to play with computer opponents, click Play to head to the lobby page. From there, click Create a Game to set up your table. In the Create a Game menu, select the Computer Only option under opponents. This way nobody else can see or join your game.

How does membership work? offers a 14-day free trial where all features are available including the Trach/Bach set! Play as often as you want, with friends or against computer. After the trial period there is no obligation to join, but of course we’d love it! You will only be charged if you choose to subscribe. Automatic renewal is also available. PayPal and all major credit cards accepted. You can cancel at any time.

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